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Crikey (sp?)

So I am working on some more photographs for the Island Stumbler “category”

Yeah and I say working, but I lie.

It really is not that much work…

Who doesn’t love to sit around in their bathing suit all day long, put their feet in the sand and feel all breezy/quasi drunk all day?

Unmmmhmm, thought so.

-enter flock of seagulls (SQUAWK squawk squawk SQUAWK SQUAWK)

Those birds are: no joke

Loud as a trio of jack hammers? check here please_____

Grab your bottle of Advil, anvil, or a Sazerac asap! check here please_____

Man- what a racket wish I hadn’t thrown that raisin english muffin up in the air just to see what would happen. check here please____

(That would be us…Lawd it was like Hitchcock’s The Birds! We had to go back inside)

Did not/don’t care, moving on from this random seagull tirade. Ahem check here please ____ (party pooper)

Doesn’t matter we are way enjoying ourselves but may have to have the kids run in tight circles round the house for a bit…see it’s been raining all day and the kids have ,what a dear-ol-friend of mine named Chris would call, “The Shpillkeys”, akin to cabin fever. (you should try that puppy on spellcheck, made mine go berserk)

All the best I have to go “work”

Here is a photo I took at the beach of the coolest thing one can find at Wal-Mart these days  (It stretches like “Stretch Armstrong” too. Suh-weet!)

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