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Stomach vs. Heart

You know when a situation should be black and white.

It’s easy in some circumstances.

I would like to think of myself as a fairly good parent, fair, smart, encouraging, fun… blah blah blah.

(I am saving for therapy as well as college. Rehab too, but who that is for is still up in the air.)

Here comes the issue:

One of my children just screamed out from their room that the other one just called them “diarrhea”


I must lack the maturity gene, perhaps it was my maiden name that delayed my growth in this category.

Whatever it was I could not calmly walk into the room to play the ever-love’n police officer.


I was busting a gut.

(Thank goodness it was the kind where you are laughing so hard that nothing at all is coming out. The kind where if someone took a picture of your face and posted that puppy on facebook you would never live it down. The kind where tears are leaking out of your eyes and there is a unnatural snort on the intake of breath. In short- the moment when your laughter becomes a cackle.  It was not pretty but at least my kids could not hear my open display of immaturity)

Sometimes it’s tough to dispense justice when life is just so ahem…hal-arious!

…Happy Friday

This is a photo collage I pieced together of an artist’s splay on Magazine Street/New Orleans.

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