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Me,the Bee, and Henry

-Happy Monday to all-

First off I must say today is just about the most perfect day…ever.


There is nothing more enjoyable than opening my studio doors on a yummy sunny day and painting. (Well—-maybe a good game of ladder ball with a cold beer but other than that…nothing)

So here I am working on a piece, doors open, messy hair, chapped lips, humming along to my music, smiling at my splendid imperfectness and this dreamy day until something happened.

Well, nature happened.

A bee to be precise.

It has taken me what seems like 30 minutes to write this much down because of a bee.

He probably was looking for some nice flower and floated inside.

Now, it’s trapped inside by my big windows where I paint and can not seem to find its way out.

Boy does he sound mad.

I keep typing and running away squealing as he is trying out new windows as exits.

Or maybe it is just having a good chuckle at me flailing around.

Got the giggles now. How ludicrous I must look to my neighbor behind me.

Wish she would shut her back door – I  would prefer to tangle with my bee phobia alone.

So- I’m mustering up all my bravery I finish this update.

This is Henry, luckily I finished him before the bee.

He is precious and I had the pleasure of meeting him in person not too long ago.

Many many thanks to Mrs. W for her loyalty and 5th commissioned piece from me.

Now I need to go wrangle a bee home.








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