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Birth of a Book

Once upon a time there was an Author.

She tried for many years to get her works published.

Many times the feedback from publishing companies and colleagues was not as she had hoped for.

Yet, she remained optimistic, focused, and never ever (no matter what)

gave up.

Then one day her daughter went away to camp. The Author began to write bedtime stories and sending them to daughter so that she may have something to dream about while away.

Daughter loved them and that made the Author happy.

Then Author began to ponder as ponder she often did.

“What of these stories?”

“Perhaps there are other children out there that would like THESE stories?!”

“I should try to publish THESE.”

So she tried…

So THEY loved!

THEY agreed to publish one!

Overjoyed, Author with twinkling eyes turns to Artist and says

“Will you illustate my book?”

Artist’s head exploded.


Okay- that story was only 93% true.

Here is the 100% real deal though: My dear friend Chris Cander has written a children’s book that is called the Word Burglar!  It Is being published by Bright Sky Press! I am illustrating my first book!

My head, thank goodness, did not explode.

(I am crrrazy excited about it though)

Chris and I are happily sketching and discussing and laughing our way to publishing day!

From Artist to Author (Thank you for trusting me with your baby)

From Artist to Publisher (Thank you for taking a chance on me, you wont be sorry)

Below is a prelimbinary sketch of the Word Burglar.




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