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Pre-order your own “Burglar” today

It is with great enthusiasm that I can say The Word Burglar is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

It is a wonderfully powerful story written by Chris Cander and illustrated by Yours Truly.

Please check it out, you can even buy one or twenty copies if you want. Tell your friends, your family, the person behind you at the grocery store.

*Remember: Nothing says I support/endure you like a pre-order.


When he was quite young, the Word Burglar desperately wanted to learn to read, but his mother and father were too busy working and caring for his big brothers and sisters to stop long enough to teach him. “Please,” he begged. “The words look good enough to eat. Please, somebody! Teach me how to read!” Children at the cusp of reading will understand the insatiable desire that turns this quiet little boy to a life of crime, stealing words from the books of friends and neighbors with the faint hope that one day he will be able to read. The Word Burglar reveals the beauty and power of language and helps children understand that without reading skills they become diminished. With a glossary of the Word Burglar’s purloined words and intriguing art that puts the power of books in proper perspective, this tongue-in-cheek tale will delight logophiles of all ages and encourage new or struggling readers to persevere.

Coming April 2013 from Bright Sky Press





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